St Martin's Tennis Club

St. Martin’s Tennis Club has been in existence since the year 2000, when tennis courts were included as part of development works at St. Martin’s GAA complex.  A donation to the club was made by local businessman Dessie Pettitt who was keenly interested in promoting the development of a tennis club.  A public meeting was held at the centre to ascertain the level of interest and a committee was formed.  Initially some open nights were held for people to try out the sport.  Those who had supported the development of St. Martin’s GAA development were contacted to find out how many would be interested in playing the game of tennis. Competitions were introduced where doubles teams were drawn up and fixtures allocated.   Leagues were played under floodlights throughout  the winter months.

Tennis proved so popular in Piercestown that it was decided to improve the facilities by extending the courts and changing the surface from tarmac to savannah.  This work was undertaken in the year 20007 and a bowling green was also added. The redevelopment was wholeheartedly supported by St. Martin’s GAA committee and in celebration an opening ceremony took place on September 12th 2008.                             
Currently St. Martin’s Tennis Club caters for adult members by running a number of leagues each year where players can play both doubles and singles, as well as running a number of fun nights. The club has also been involved in challenge matches versus players from Glynn-Barntown Tennis Club.  Junior members are involved in Mid-term and Easter camps, and during the month of July, Parks tennis is run which is open to children aged 6-14 years.  Membership of the tennis club runs from January to December and types of membership include junior, student, single and family membership.

For enquiries contact Paud O’Brien at 086-1537640, or Pauline Duggan at 087-9266055.